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Salt H2O Custom Tackle is your premier destination for top-quality fishing gear in Martin County, FL. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest fishing dredges for sale, complete rigged kits, and a wide selection of custom-built fishing rods to improve your fishing experience.

The Best in Fishing Gear

At Salt H2O Custom Tackle, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of fishing equipment, including dredge fishing gear and the sought-after Sv-1200 for sale and electric fishing reels. Our inventory also features a variety of fishing essentials such as bait, belts & harnesses, braid, diamond fishing products, electrical parts, line leaders, lures, outrigger components, rods/butts, tackle, planers, tools, and fishing apparel. Our diverse selection ensures that every angler, from novices to experts, can find the perfect gear for their fishing adventures.

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If you need custom saltwater fishing equipment nearby, Salt H2O Custom Tackle is your go-to source. We are the best fishing store around Martin County, FL, with custom-built fishing rods and more. For the best electric fishing reels for saltwater fishing, Salt H2O Custom Tackle has what you need.

Explore our store near Martin County or visit us online to discover the perfect fishing equipment for all your needs. At Salt H2O Custom Tackle, we’re here to help you enjoy every fishing journey.