Ronstan Series 30 Orbit Single Block with Becket and Swivel



Lightweight and strong blocks for modern rigging systems.

The 30mm single block with becket and swivel is a true work horse and is suitable for use in most dinghy control line systems. Great for barber haulers, cascade system boom vangs, spinnaker sheets, backstays, halyard tuning systems, Cunninghams and more.

Ronstan’s goal for the Orbit Blocks™ was to produce a block with the highest strength to weight ratio—and they nailed it. Through extensive computer modeling unnecessary metal components were replaced by engineered light-weight composites without compromising strength. The unique glass fiber reinforced nylon cheeks and head design can be secured using the supplied loop or converted to a soft attachment using a Dyneema® link to further reduce weight. The hollow bearing at the center of single sheave serves as a becket to further reduce weight while adding versatility.

Performance was not lost with the weight savings. In fact the Orbit Blocks™ have the highest working loads in their class and feature an improved two-stage bearing system that efficiently handles static and dynamic forces throughout the load range. High compression grade acetal orbital ball bearings migrate to the loaded area of the sheave to handle light to moderate loads; larger loads are shouldered by the full-contact PTFE impregnated nylon bearing with carbon fiber reinforcement. Conventional and high-tech lines run smoothly over the UV resistant acetal sheave